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Outbreak Squad

title screen of outbreak with the 4 hero characters

Do you have what it takes to lead the squad? Use your team of heroes to research, educate, heal, and protect people. Keep the community from getting sicker!

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Potluck Panic

the title slide of Potluck Panic! produced by NMSU Media Productions

Potluck time! You are tasked with making sure food gets assembled with food safety in mind, from factory to potluck. As you advance in the game, gather knowledge and skill to prevent multiple food disasters at once.

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Virtual Labs (Food Science)

Image of woman with lab goggles and microscope

Interactive food science modules train high school and college students in laboratory skills and concepts relevant to food science, including using a microscope, testing for aflotoxin, culturing bacteria, measuring pH, and using disposable lab equipment.

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Chinese Food Safety

Chinese Food Safety

Six fun and interactive activities that can help Chinese speaking foodservice workers learn key food safety concepts. The activities are in both English and Simplified Chinese.

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The Food Detectives

The Food Detectives

Food Detectives Fight BAC! This entertaining site for kids ages 8-12 includes songs, activities and arcade-style games. Through playing to learn youth understand the importance of the 4 key messages in the Fight BAC food safety program: wash hands and utensils, chill leftovers properly, cook food to the proper temperature and separate cooked food from raw meat and juices.

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Videos & Animations

Because I Care, I Wash My Hands

Image of child at sink

Ideally suited to child care centers, this fun, hands-on curriculum, packed full of songs, activities and experiments, helps even very young children understand why and how hand washing helps keep friends and family healthy.

Check out Because I Care, I Wash My Hands.

Infotoons – Food Safety

Apple, blueberries, orange, lettuce

These videos offer a light-hearted explanation of the science behind food safety, with real life examples, to help foster a food safety culture among Maine producers and processors, especially those selling their products directly to consumers. They focus on regional foods important to Maine heritage, such as wild blueberries and seaweed.

Don't Wash Your Chicken!

Dont Wash Your Chicken

Although raw chicken and turkey can carry bacteria on their surfaces, research has shown that washing raw poultry under running water in your kitchen sink is a bad idea. This website includes fotonovelas, mini-dramas, recipes, and cooking videos to help spread the message. A short animation illuminates how poultry bacteria can contaminate kitchen surfaces and other foods.

Explore Don't Wash Your Chicken

Don't Be Gross


Image from the "Don't Be Gross" animation.

The Don't Be Gross! campaign was designed as an in-school food safety project, to raise awareness among teens about food safety actions they take each day that are unsafe and about positive steps they can take to prevent illness. Research shows the most powerful way to reach this age group is through peer networks and social norms.

The BAC Files (English, Spanish, & Navajo)

The BAC Files

Designed for adults and older youth, this video uses an entertaining, informal style to teach viewers how to keep food safe to eat. Fighting BAC has never been so much fun!

  • Available in English, Spanish, and Navajo.
  • Approximate Running Time: 22 minutes.
  • Watch The BAC Files.

Chinese Food Safety (English, Mandarin, & Cantonese)

raw vegetables with the words food safety below

A successful Chinese restaurant owner teaches an apprentice that a reputation for safe food is the key to prosperity in the USA. He recommends keeping food surfaces clean, providing separate cutting surfaces for meats and vegetables, heating food to proper temperatures, and storing food safely.

  • Available in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.
  • Approximate Running Time: English-13 minutes, Mandarin-13 minutes, Cantonese-12 minutes.
  • Watch Food Safety

It's Good Business: Processing Salsa Safely (English & Spanish)

It's Good Business: Processing Salsa Safely

This video presents step-by-step instructions for processing chile salsa correctly in order to avoid foodborne illness or microbial contamination.

Processing Salsa Safely at Home

Processing Salsa Safely at Home

Everyone loves salsa. When you process your salsa correctly, you'll know it's safe. This video demonstrates how to process and preserve salsa safely at home using a United States Department of Agriculture-approved recipe.

Making It Safe: HACCP for Small Food Processors (English & Spanish)

Making It Safe: HACCP for Small Food Processors

A Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) Food Safety Program designed for Small Food Processors in the Southwest.

Preparing Safe Mexican Foods

Preparing Safe Mexican Foods

Preparing Safe Mexican Foods stresses the importance of having a monitoring program in your food establishment. It just makes good sense to protect your customers and your reputation by implementing a HACCP plan. This project was made possible by a grant from the USDA Food Safety Inspection Service.

La Vida de Matilde (Spanish)

La Vida de Matilde (Spanish)

The video La Vida de Matilde (The Life of Matilde) is presented in a soap opera style. It follows Matilde over a period of several weeks as she opens her own home childcare. She becomes more aware of food safety issues and learns how to combat BAC, the bacteria food may contain if it is not properly prepared or handled.

Legacy Projects

Science Pirates: The Curse of Brownbeard

Science Pirates: The Curse of Brownbeard

Learning science processes and food safety has never been so much fun! Pirate Science builds awareness of food safety issues through better understanding of science processes. Games, songs and scientific experiments give youth a better understanding of the "whys" behind good food safety practices based on the national science standards. The entire adventure culminates in the hero (the player's character) helping the desperate crew solve and 'break' the "The Curse of Brownbeard."

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Ninja Kitchen

Image of ninja holding an apple on a tray with other foods in the background

You're a ninja - and a short order cook. Prepare and serve food safely before your customers walk away. Sophisticated gameplay reveals principles of food safety.

Play Ninja Kitchen. And don't make anyone sick!

Safe Preparation of Beef Jerky

Image of Safe Preparation of Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is prepared via a variety of methods. This interactive allows users to specify the method they use and shows what key steps are necessary for a safe product in each case.

Explore Safe Preparation of Beef Jerky

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