Evolution of the Rio Grande Valley: Implications for Global Change

Rivers have always been sources of life and change in any land, but doubly so in parched, arid lands. A casual glance proves this truth. Even more important than how these lifelines make history, is how they record it.

With the help of computer animation and easy to understand scientist, Debbie Caskey, Evolution of the Rio Grande focuses on the 1960's "Desert Project". In this video, learn:

  • How ice ages impacted river valleys thousands of miles away in hot deserts.
  • How a river's history helps explain global climatic changes.
  • How caliche traces in soil reveal how land formed.
  • Why the needle of a compass hasn't always pointed "north."
  • How volcanoes from across the country help date river valley rock formations.

Tour this landmark research for yourself and see why scientists all over the world look to the work done in the Rio Grande Valley to guide their explorations.