Chiricahuas: Mountain Islands in the Desert

Where Ecosystems Collide
At the crossroads of two deserts and two mountain ranges, the Chiricahua mountains are home to a vast array of life, the combinations of which can be found nowhere else in the world. Desert dwelling plants and animals from the Chihuahuan and Sonoran deserts intermingle with mountainous species from the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Madres to produce a rich, fascinating biological landscape.

Where Stone Spires Reach For the Sky
Biological uniqueness is just the beginning. The Chiricahuas are known for the hundreds of eerie stone spires that cover its land. These tall, rocky fingers are at once beautiful and mysterious, and have an exciting origin born of surging water, grinding tectonic movement, and a blast of volcanic fire.

Explore the Chiricahuas
This hour-long documentary explores the mysteries of the Chiricahuas, from the elusive Elegant Trogon to the exotic Coatimundi. With spectacular footage of wildlife and scenery, narration by expert naturalists and geologists, and dynamic computer-generated visuals, Chiricahuas: Mountain Islands in the Desert presents this fascinating landscape with the drama and detail it deserves.